Season Preview: Atlanta Braves

Now that Spring Training has started, we're continuing on with Season Previews. Last year, they began as a serious analysis and ended as half-assed haiku, which we're just gonna keep rolling with.

Kicking off our National League season previews are the Atlanta Braves, home of sweet-swinging switch-hitter, Chipper Jones... who is fricking awesome, in case you weren't aware.

Tom Glavine is old
Time for him to retire
Should Smoltz join him too?

Career year for Jones
Too bad he's a Dodger now
Teixeira hits bombs...

and holds down first base
Kotsay up the middle. Yum.
Francoeur out in right

Jair Jurrjens is young
Mike Hampton is hurt. Surprise!
McCann behind home

Marry me Chipper!
I want to have your babies
Just kidding... sort of.

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Jake the Snake said...

I see Tom Glavine has come full circle, since the same line was used to open the Mets season preview last year. Well done, ladies.