Practice Makes Perfect

Francisco Liriano, after polishing off a strong Spring performance against the Pittsburgh Pirates with seven strikeouts, was sent down to the minors, where he will begin his 2008 season.

Manager Ron Gardenhire wants the young lefty to have at least two starts before joining the Minnesota Twins rotation -- one with the Class A Fort Myers Miracle and another with the AAA Rochester Red Wings -- to work on his conditioning and fastball.
"I’ll do whatever they want me to do," Liriano said. "My arm feels great."
So what does all this mean? It means that Nick Blackburn has found himself a temporary spot in the Twins starting rotation to kick off the season. This begs the obvious question among the ladies in Twins Territory of whether he is single or not. He is, after all, a big leaguer now. Way to go, buddy!

In other Minnesota pitching news, righty Scott Baker will have one more minor league start on Sunday before a decision is made on whether he'll be healthy enough for the fifth spot in the order.

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Anonymous said...

I would so much rather see Frankie go down and get some work in than be up with the team right away and suck ass. I think this will be good for him, and great for blackburn.

Sooze said...


Megs said...

And hopefully he comes back full force to move his way to the front of the rotation! I'll enjoy watching Blackburn for the time being, though. ;)

Casey said...

Does this mean Liriano will be in Rochester? Ah yes the glory of being the triple-A team. I will let you know how he looks.


Lauren said...

The sad fact of it all is that while Nick Blackburn approches, like, Joe Mauer hotness from far away and while wearing a baseball uniform, up close he is nothin' to write home about.