Happy Holidays

In honor of my Godfather Joe, I'll pass on this Irish joke that he liked to tell far too often, though I wish he were here to tell it to me today.

A drunken Irishman was driving through the city of Dublin on St. Patty's Day, his car swerving all over the road. Eventually, an officer pulls him over.

"So," says the officer to the drunken Irishman, "Where have you been this St. Patty's Day evenin'?"

"I've been to the pub," slurs the drunken Irishman.

"Well," says the officer, "it looks to me like you've had quite a few."

"I did all right," the drunken Irishman says with a grin.

"Did ya know," says the officer, "that a few miles back there, your wife fell out of the car?"

"Oh, Lord," sighs the drunken Irishman, "For a minute there, I could've sworn I'd gone deaf!"

Speaking of river dancing...


Bassmaster said...

Guiness might be the only beer you could get bitch-slapped for turning green on St. Patrick's Day.