Is the Yogi Berra Museum Anti-Rocket?

The Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center has removed Roger Clemens' jersey from one if its exhibits glorifying the mid-90's.

Museum director David Kaplan said Clemens’ jersey wouldn't be put back on display -- even if his name was cleared -- mostly because the exhibit already features two fan favorites from that era in Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. He added that the museum plans to return it to the club.
"We’re trying to project the positive virtues of baseball," Kaplan said. "And we have a lot of kids coming through here who are asking questions we’re not prepared to answer."
He and Art Berke, the COO of the museum, decided to remove the uni and Berra was later notified.

I guess this means the Rocket won't be playing in Yogi's annual golf tournament this year?

[New York Times]


Jacob said...

Things look pretty rough for the Rocket right now. Dark times, my friend. Dark times.