Season Preview: Toronto Blue Jays

Now that Spring Training has started, we're continuing on with Season Previews. Last year, they began as a serious analysis and ended as half-assed haiku, which we're just gonna keep rolling with.

So long Mr. Glaus
Hello Rolen and Eckstein
They're gritty! And tough!

Forget F-J-M
Intangibles surely count
more than stats. Right? RIGHT?

Either way- Burnett,
Halladay and McGowan
Spell trouble for bats

Vernon Wells got paid
He also got injured; so...
Will he return hot?

Stud Alex Rios
Why did they try to trade him?
Just like Delgado

One thing's for certain
Ricciardi can never be
Worse than Angelos


Megs said...

That picture is killing me right now.