Season Preview: Tampa Bay Rays

With less than a month left until Spring Training starts, it's time once again for Season Previews. Last year, they began as a serious analysis and ended as half-assed haiku, which we're just gonna keep rolling with.

Moving right along with our preview of the AL East is everyone's favorite worst team in baseball, the Tampa Bay Rays.

Sunshine! Yay!New sunshine logo
Snappy new team colors too
Worst team in the game

Rebuilding decade
Dukes and his sperm are gone now
Out with the Devil

Scott Kazmir is good
Crawford is tough as nails
The Rays still suck though

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Anonymous said...

And now they're out Delmon Young, so there's that part of the suckfest.

Megs said...

Best line ever: "Dukes and his sperm are gone now"

Jason said...

So wait. Their new name means like, a "ray" of sunshine? Gay.

Colleen said...

Love your Haiku
It's not half-bad
or half-assed

Melissa said...

The Nationals are totally pissed the Rays are trying to horn in on their "shittiest team in baseball" schtick.

Expect some sort of bizarro World Series, where they meet to determine who sucks more.

Sooze said...

Dude, like two people would watch that World Series. Dane Cook and Wade Boggs. Together.

Casey said...

New logo - same crap.

Of course considering the Schilling news, I wonder if Kazmir is on the trading block?


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