PETA Would Like an Apology

Though cock fighting is no more cruel and unusual than hoarding chickens into small cages to be butchered... mmmm chicken wings... it is still illegal in the United States. Now New York Mets veteran Pedro Martinez and his idol, Hall of Famer Juan Marichal, are taking some heat for enjoying a little recreational animal-fighting in the Dominican Republic two years ago!

PETA mailed letters to both hurlers and the Commissioner Thursday, demanding a public apology and asking that all big league players and staff be forced to take their animal sensitivity training course.

The Humane Society also chimed in, saying that MLB "should join [them] in condemning Martinez and Marichal for their shameful example."


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Andrew V. said...

Chicken is delicious.

PETA needs to go away forever.

Tuffy said...

Bud Selig has plenty to apologize for. PETA will have to go to the back of the line.

And why apologize to PETA? PETA isn't the injured party. Pedro should find the cock's momma and apologize to her. Otherwise, it's just lip service and cocks don't even have lips!

Sooze said...

All valid points.

dp said...

I spent quite a bit of time in Puerto Rico as kid, and cockfighting is not only legal there but there's a fairly substantial cockfighting ring and league, perfectly legal of course, right on Avenida Ashford in San Juan (a major thoroughfare, btw). Although many people find it gross, most people view it as a less epic form of bullfighting and don't pay it any mind. It's just a fundamentally different cultural standard at play, and Pedro shouldn't really be judged for it.

That said, the press on this can't be good, but I don't think the Wilpons will be breathing down Pedro's neck to run an animal cruelty awareness PSA anytime soon.

Randball's Stu said...

Heh. Cock.

Sooze said...

That is exactly why you're the breast, Stu.

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