Livan Hernandez is a Big Boy

Sans veteran ace Johan Santana, youngster Matt Garza and Carlos Silva, the Minnesota Twins agreed Tuesday to a one-year, $5 million contract with Livan Hernandez, who hopes to earn an extra $2 million in performance bucks.

Not only does he spike the collective age of the young Twins rotation, but he also brings experience and even some talent. And he's El Duque's half-brother, so that's cool.

Last season, the Cuban righty... who turns 33 on February 20th and is totally single, ladies... went 11-11 with a 4.93 ERA in 33 starts for the Arizona Diamondbacks. As a two-time All-Star with 10 big league seasons under his belt, Hernandez is a career 134-128 with a 4.25 ERA spanning 350 starts, including 32 complete games, which leads the majors. He's a workhorse.

The question is, are Smith and Gardy planning a weight-loss intervention like they did with Boof?

Welcome to the American League, Livan!

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Tuffy said...

Clearly, I've suggested it before, but this is such a great move for the Twins on a... dare I say it... small scale. He'll keep the bullpen alive until July and then turn into a live arm or two, all for about $3m. Nice work by Smith.