Is Khalil Greene a Stoner?

I am so high right now.It's a valid question... that I don't have the answer to.

San Diego Padres shortstop Khalil Greene is about to avoid arbitration with a decent-sized contract.

Though a deal hasn't been finalized, the two sides are nearing a two-year agreement worth roughly $11 million, according to an anonymous source close to negotiations.

The club's homegrown 2007 team MVP batted .254 last season, setting career bests with 27 homers, 44 doubles and 97 RBIs over a career-high 153 games without injury. Greene also set a club mark with a .984 fielding percentage over 690 chances. Nice glove, buddy!

Greene, who resembles one of the greatest slackers of all time, was reportedly set to ask for $4.9 million in arbitration, while the Padres were expected to counter with a $4 million offer.



Tuffy said...

Next week on Babes Love Baseball: Will John Kruk be killed by four men in gray jumpsuits carrying unlicensed nuclear accelerators on their backs?