Bobby Kielty Wants to be My Friend

I forgot I even had a Myspace.

That's right. Bobby Kielty sent me a Myspace friend request, and I promptly became his 101st pal. You can find his page, which I did not read, here. My attention span is like nil when it comes to body builders and their drug-pushing.

Also, I think Kielty, who has now played exactly 20 games with the Boston Red Sox, has blocked all of his painful memories from his time with the Oakland Athletics. You'll see what I mean when you visit his page, which you should do.

Seriously, believe it when I tell you that the pictures alone are worth a thousand words... of hilarity. However, I am a little disappointed that he hasn't moved me to his top friends yet.

Apparently, all of Twins Nation was spammed alerted, as well.

[Bobby Kielty's Myspace]


Megs said...

OMG those pictures were hilarious. I had no idea he was SO RIPPED!

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ Bobby Kielty! GET A LIFE DUDE! HAhahaha!!!

Andrew said...

so rancid... nice spam asshole. those pictures are awful

Sooze said...

No joke.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Yeah...I received a friend request also. The pictures were great (to laugh at) but I don't think I will be adding him to my top 10 anytime soon.

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