Bobby Kielty Wants to be My Friend

I forgot I even had a Myspace.

That's right. Bobby Kielty sent me a Myspace friend request, and I promptly became his 101st pal. You can find his page, which I did not read, here. My attention span is like nil when it comes to body builders and their drug-pushing.

Also, I think Kielty, who has now with the Boston Red Sox, has blocked all of his painful memories from his time with the Oakland Athletics. You'll see what I mean when you visit his page, which you should do.

Seriously, believe it when I tell you that the pictures alone are worth a thousand words... of hilarity. However, I am a little disappointed that he hasn't moved me to his top friends yet.

Apparently, all of Twins Nation was spammed alerted, as well.

[Bobby Kielty's Myspace]


Megs said...

OMG those pictures were hilarious. I had no idea he was SO RIPPED!