Stand By Your Man

Roger Clemens' agent, Randy Hendricks, has been one busy guy. No, he hasn't been shopping The Rocket around, he's been writing an 18,000-word essay he likes to call a "statistical report" on why his client should be cleared of performance-enhancing drug use allegations.

"Clemens longevity was due to his ability to adjust his style of pitching as he got older, incorporating his very effective split-finger fastball to offset the decrease in speed of his regular fastball caused by aging."
Next thing you know, this guy is gonna invent the gyroball.

Since the release of the Mitchell Report, Clemens has gone on record with an internet video, newspaper columnists and most recently, Mike Wallace on CBS' 60 Minutes. In every instance, he denies his former trainer, Brian McNamee's allegations of having ever used steroids.

Next. Story. Please.

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educated bet said...

Plus he was probably on the Juice.
peace..Iron Mike