I Should Be Pullin' Tractors With Ma Teeth!

So, the Roger Clemens interview with Mike Wallace on "60 Minutes" Sunday went down as expected, with a little added insight into whether we'll ever see him pitch again. My favorite part? "The higher you get on the flagpole, the more your butt shows." Awesome.

Of course, there are some great reactions from around the blogosphere in the aftermath of a defamation lawsuit filed by The Rocket against his former trainer, Brian McNamee. Here we go!

"It’s time for Clemens to give it up and admit he took it in the ass." - [The Naughty American, written by our own Sarah]

"After a series of pinkie swears, Mike Wallace became convinced that the Rocket was telling the truth." - [Randball]

"Unfortunately, about 40 minutes into the show Clemens severely damages his credibility when he denies he has ever appeared on 60 Minutes." - [Shakedown Sports]

"Roger Clemens changed his statement Friday, saying he was "listening" to "Lethal Injection," the famous 1993 album by rapper Ice Cube." - []

"And doggone if, somehow, Clemens' name didn't pop up once or twice -- or 82 times..." - [The Cheap Seats]

"Guess that “emotional” Friday phone call didn’t patch things up, after all." - []

"A 1-2 punch, in other words." - []


M said...

Ok, so when Clemens and Bonds wind up in prison together after Clemens invariably perjures himself, who gets to be the man?

Kind of gives all new meaning to the phrase 'giving head.'

Will they playfully tell each other to submit to their B-12 injections?

Ok, I think I'm all done with that now. Sorry.