Cust Denies Steroid Allegations

Jack Cust, whose bat we fell in love with last season, has spoken for the first time since his name was released in the Mitchell Report last month.

The Oakland Athletics designated hitter spoke to fans at the A's Fan Fest this weekend, saying he was "surprised and upset" by the allegations of former teammate Larry Bigbie. He went on to say that he has never used performance-enhancing drugs, not even once.

"[Bigbie] was a teammate of mine five years ago and we haven't talked since," Cust said. "I don't remember any conversations about steroids."
Cust, 29, hit .256 with 26 bombs and 82 RBIs in 124 games with Oakland last season, the first stint of more than 35 games for the six-year veteran slugger.

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Andrew V. said...

Here's my Jack Cust moment:

I met his wife at my great aunts funeral.
Still not sure why she was there.

The End.