Bud Selig is Old

Just two days after select congressmen criticized his leadership skills, baseball owners gave MLB commissioner Bud Selig a three-year contract extension, keeping the stuffy old bastard in office through 2012.

"Look, when this is over, I'm going to be 78 years old," he said.

This may come as a surprise to some, since Selig -- running the show since 1992 -- had his mind made up on retiring after the 2009 season as recently as December. The news of his extension comes much to the dismay of Republican Representative Cliff Stearns (Fl.,) who had called for Selig's resignation immediately after the Mitchell Report was released.
"By the time I leave, you won't recognize the sport," Selig promised.
Most notable outside removing "the dark cloud that hovers over the game of baseball" was his enthusiasm toward universalization. He said that, without a specific goal in mind, he intends to make "some very dramatic things" happen internationally. Considering the regular season will be opening in Japan for the third time when the Boston Red Sox play the Oakland Athletics in Tokyo this March, you could say he's already got that rock rolling.

Selig added that he expects revenues to spring as baseball researches global markets and cultivates its own network. You hear that Rays? There's hope yet!

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Megs said...

That second quote kind of gave me chills. In a creepy, bad way.