Bedard Wants Out

Baltimore Orioles ace Erik Bedard isn't happy.

The 28-year-old lefty told the Baltimore Sun Saturday that he expects to be traded this offseason. He also voiced his disappointment that the club hasn't made a greater effort to ink him to an extension.

Bedard went 13-5 with a 3.16 ERA in 28 starts last season before landing on the 60-day disabled list in September with a strained right oblique muscle. Up until that point, he dominated the majors with a franchise record 221 strikeouts.

Sadly, his efforts did little to help the struggling O's, as the team went on to a horrid 69-93 finish - 27 games behind the first-place Boston Red Sox in the AL East. This is no news for Baltimore fans, as they haven't enjoyed a winning season since 1997, when the team went 98-64.

Bedard isn't willing to stick around for the rebuilding process, either.

"[Rebuilding] takes a long time, and you need a lot of patience. It's not just me. I think everybody is [sick of losing] from the ground up."
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Megs said...

I can see where Bedard is coming from - it would suck to be on such a crappy team. But where's your loyalty dude?