Seasons Greetings

Holiday greetings from Barry Bonds
I anticipate the coming of the Julebukk just as much as any other full-blooded Norwegian gal, but I'll tell you what: there's nothing like getting a good, old-fashioned Christmas card in the mailbox. We've received some incredibly heartfelt Holiday Cards from some of our favorite people, so we felt it was our duty to spread the cheer and share them with all of you.

Yule Tidings!

Merry Christmas Hos!

Sometimes the Holidays are like a punch in the face

Ho Ho Ho


Kenny Rogers loves his egg nog

Cheeseburgers aren't the only thing CC dreams of

I'm not gay! Jeeez!

Christmas being Christmas

Curt Schilling's card needs no words

It'll be a nice, warm Christmas for Torii in LA


Megs said...

Schilling's is perfect. No words needed, just a big, honkin' World Series ring.