Here We Go Again

As if we didn't love enough, he's giving us a special treat for Opening Day 2008: the release of his new book Vindicated. Catchy title, eh?

Former Sports Illustrated writer Don Yaeger is set to collaborate on the project with Canseco, who has a habit of wearing tacky silk shirts and leather caps. You might recognize Yaeger from his recent work with former Duke men's lacrosse coach Mike Pressler on It's Not About the Truth, an account of the Duke lacrosse team's 2006 rape-charge. Hey, the man loves a good alleged scandal.

The sequel to Canseco's 2005 best-seller Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits, and How Baseball Got Big, will supposedly add a few names to the incomplete Mitchell Report and basically attack America's Pastime all over again.

One small hint into who may be bashed in the book came after Canseco was denied entrance into the press conference at the Grand Hyatt following the release of The Report. Later that day, he appeared on several television broadcasts to discuss the findings of George Mitchell, saying that he was shocked three-time MVP Alex Rodriguez was not among the players identified as users of performance enhancers.

Here we go again.

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Megs said...

Oh for crying out loud already.