Happy New Year!

Another year has come and gone. And among all the tragedy and triumph, controversy and congratulations, we've survived.

Amid the injuries, comebacks, and , steroid allegations, tell-all books, broken records and amazing plays, the same thing keeps us coming back for more.

We salivate.

We yearn.


The crack of the bat, the thump of the rosin, grand slams, stolen bags, ejections, sac bunts, swinging strikeouts, double plays.

Suicide squeezes!

And that elusive stunt known as the triple play. Unassisted, please!

On that note, there are only 85 more days until Opening Day 2008, when the Boston Red Sox play the Oakland Athletics in Tokyo, Japan. That's 85 more days than we'd like to wait, but there are things like football and beer, sledding and March Madness, and soon enough, Spring Training to tide us over until then.

And when the anticipation gets to be too much to bear, we can rely on the steady bombardment of Roid Reports from the Underbelly to keep us fully entertained this offseason.

Finally, thanks everyone for reading and for all of your comments -- positive and negative -- we read and love every single one. Keep 'em comin'! Have a safe and happy New Year, all.

Sooze, Lizzy, Sarah and Melissa


aussie adam said...

Thanks girls. Until the first pitch in Tokyo....we wait