Stick A Fork In The Rocket

Roger Clemens is reportedly riding off into the baseball sunset, and will be joining the Houston Astros again for 2008... as a consultant.

Through his agents, the Rocket informed the Astros' owner Drayton McClane on Tuesday of his intent to begin serving his post-retirement, personal services agreement in Houston for the '08 season. But don't call it a retirement:

"Roger has said several times that he has failed at retirement, so I am not announcing his retirement," [his agent Randy] Hendricks said. "The plan for 2008 is this: Roger plans to start the new year as the first year of his post-playing career contract as a consultant to the Houston Astros."
Any chance he gets Pettite to join him?

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Kaitlynn said...

I'm glad you got to defend Rog before Lizzy's post ripped him apart. He'll be missed by me!