She's Outa There

Ria Cortesio, who we profiled earlier this spring as the only female umpire in the minors, was released this week... by cell phone.

Cortesio had been officiating Single-A and Double-A ball for nine years -- the previous five in the Southern League -- hoping to someday become the first lady ump in the majors after working a spring training game between the Chicago Cubs and Arizona Diamondbacks in March.

She was ranked the top umpire in Double-A and was just waiting for an opening in AAA to move up where she would be under the auspices of big league supervisors. So if she was so great at what she did, why was she dumped?

Careful not to speculate, I'll avoid pulling the sexism card and just call it an unfortunate circumstance. Best of luck to you, Ria. Even though this story bums me out as a fan and as a woman, we were very proud to have you around the game for so long.

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Megs said...

I seriously hope she gets some sort of compensation if the motive for her "release" was based on her sex. But how can she prove that?