One Scary Step Closer to Instant Replay

Steve Bartman
A proposal made by 25-out-of-30 general managers Tuesday was approved for the recommendation of instant replay to be instated to major league baseball.

Replay judges would be used to aid umpires with boundary calls, including whether potential homers are fair or foul, whether balls go over fences, and to make it clear whether fans interfere with possible longballs.

There was no specific timetable set for the system to be implemented.

If commissioner Bud Selig, who hates the idea, gives the go-ahead, his office staff would draft a detailed proposal for GMs to vote on when they get together next month at the winter meetings in Nashville, Tennessee.

Instant replay would then have to be approved by the players' union and umpires' union, and possibly even by owners.

It'll be a long time before something this drastic is decided, and it'll take a lot of convincing on the 25 GMs parts to get Selig to agree.

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