Detroit Steals A-Rod's Thunder

Everyone's favorite Boras client snagged his third American League MVP Award (his second MVP in Yankee pinstripes) from the Baseball Writers Association of America yesterday, winning in a landslide over the other candidates. Alex Rodriguez is just the fifth AL player to win the award three times.

But the voting wasn't unanimous- A-Rod only garnered 26 of 28 first place votes. It seems that two rogue (hero?) writers out of the Detroit area managed to throw a little rain on A-Rod's parade by voting the Tigers' Magglio Ordonez in first place. Tom Gage of the Detroit News and Tim Hawkins of the Oakland Press (Pontiac, Mich.) prevented Rodriguez from being able to do a Unanimous Victory Dance- instead, A-Rod had to settle for just a Very Convincing Victory Dance.
"I saw Magglio play every day," Hawkins said. "What I saw was a player having an MVP year. I have no quarrel with anyone who voted for A-Rod. He also had an MVP year. But with the injuries the Tigers had and the effort and performance I saw from Magglio, there's no question he had an MVP year."
Am I allowed to enjoy the outrage of Yankees fans over the two Detroit writers who voted A-Rod in second, when there was no such outrage from them about the New York writer who left Josh Beckett completely off his Cy Young ballot altogether? What's good for the goose...

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