Welcome to the Girardi Era

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Welcome to the Girardi Era. For those of you with limited time, feel free to skip to the bottom for the one sentence summary.

I'm hardly the first to say it, but while the Alex Rodriguez announcement by Scott Boras during the final World Series game was easily the most newsworthy part of the entire series (seriously, for non-Boston fans, this series was about as exciting as watching my dog lick his balls), it was a very low class thing to do. Definitely about as low class as you'd expect from Boras, but it was in poor taste nonetheless.

The rule that prevents teams from making major announcements during the World Series should extend to the players and agents as well. As much as I hated watching the Red Sox win the Series, it was their moment and the attempted highjacking was unnecessary.

The Yankees spent the season stating that if Arod opted out of his contract, they wouldn't make him an offer. They should stand by this statement for two reasons. First, if this is an attempt by Boras to call the Yankees bluff, then let him do it. The desperation of major league teams for talent has created a monster in agents like him and it needs to stop. If a player feels the need to opt out of a $252 million contract because he doesn't like the coach, players, team colors, whatever, then I have no sympathy – MVP or not. Which brings me to reason two. No player is worth the money and drama that this situation involves.

If the Yankees are prepared to enter into a “re-building” era, bringing in a new coach and young talent, then they should do it. Make an effort to keep the anchor players like Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada and the rising starter Melky Cabrera and use the money they would offer to Arod to build around the core. Let Arod go find a team willing to pay $30 million a year. Yes, even if it turns out to be the Boston Red Sox.

The second big Yankees announcement in as many days involves the next manager of the team. As I predicted a year ago after he left the Marlins, Joe Girardi has been offered the job and he is expected to take it, ending months of speculation. Girardi will be a great fit for the players and is a smart choice for the job.

So basically fuck Arod, welcome Girardi, and go Yanks.

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pookeyguru said...

Is A-Rod even worth animosity at this point?