It's tough to write this post. Watching the Yankees battle through the second half of the season, miraculously make the playoffs after a 14.5 game deficit, and lose in the first round in such a disastrous fashion sucks. Seriously, for lack of a better word. It sucks.

As crappy as I'm feeling right now, I wanted to get some thoughts out. I especially want to do it before Lizzy gets a hold of you all and turns this into a Red Sox fanfare.

Watching Joe Torre in the post game press conference was heartbreaking. He knows he's not coming back. But I'll tell you this, it won't be at the hands of Steinbrenner. The Yankees owner may be an jackass, but he's not dumb. Joe Torre is one of the best managers in the history of baseball. You don't fire that guy.

Joe Torre, on the other hand, should walk away. As much as it kills me to write this, he deserves better and he'll get it somewhere else. I'm not talking about better talent, because the Yankees have the best talent that money can buy. I'm talking about respect. If Steinbrenner had any respect for Torre, he never would have made a statement to the press threatening Joe's job. You don't do that, especially not in the middle of a playoff series.

There are quite a few Yankee free agents after this season and if the Yankees are smart they'll do their damnedest to keep a couple (A-Rod and Posada) and use their money to get some young talent on the mound. As for now, I'm reluctantly throwing my support to Cleveland. While it's tough to root for the team that knocked you out of the playoffs, I'm sure as hell not rooting for the Red Sox.


Jake the Snake said...

Sucks doesn't even describe it. And I am in 100% agreement with you -- before Boss can say you're fired, he should say I QUIT!