It's the End of the World as We Know It

sometimes, being a fan hurts. a lot.
We all know the pain of Elimination. Some of us know it better than others.

But when the calendar turns to April and we feel like school girls in love, nothing will stop our team from winning the World Series. THIS IS OUR YEAR, DAMN IT.

May and June pass, and before you can say "player to be named later," the Mid Summer Classic is upon us. Some of our teams are enjoying a bountiful season, brimming with milestones and exciting acquisitions. Others are plagued by injuries and traumatic events, or clawing their way out of the cellar, just trying to avoid the sweep.

Then there are the pure, unadulterated shenanigans that no one can believe even went down... dawg.

Still, we love our team into August and September, when time begins to run out. Abruptly, it ends: our boys of summer are golfing in the Keys and we're staring down the impending loss of quality free agents and another quiet year at the Winter Meetings.

As a Minnesota Twins fan, I am spitefully elated by the doom that the Detroit Tigers face with just 5 games remaining in their season. After Carlos Silva and the Twins took the first of a three-game series in Detroit Monday, the Tigers are hoping for nothing short of a miracle to get into the playoffs this year, sitting 5.5 games behind the New York Yankees in the AL Wild Card race.


Thank Baby Jesus For Football.

[New York Times]


Bassmaster said...

"Thank Baby Jesus For Football."


Melissa said...

Awww, Torii! Everyone loves Torii!

See, Sooze- if you were a fan of 18 teams like me, chances are you'd have at least one still in contention! (waiting for Rand to come in and make fun of me for this comment)

This is actually the first year I have devoted less than 5% of my sports attention span to football. It's kind of a weird feeling.

deborah said...

how about my favorite chubster backstop? only three stolen bases allowed!
p.s. sooze, you can help me root the cubs into a miracle since the twinks are out of the post-season.

Stu said...

You know, I, RandBall's Stu, said going into the season that this was a .500 baseball team. Despite the fact that I was right, I'm still disappointed. You'd like to see your team, which has the Cy Young, the batting champ, and the MVP, would at least play meaningful games after Labor Day. Instead, they started Nick Punto after Labor Day. Sad-making.

Sign Torii. I cannot possibly emphasize that enough.

Stu said...

That was a trainwreck of a comment. Eliminate the "would at least" for some semblance of clarity.

Extend Santana. I cannot possibly emphasize that enough.

Dave MN said...

Stu, I had a Miss South Carolina flashback there. If you'd said "such as", I'd have thought she was posing as you...

Signing Torii would be a crowd-pleaser, no doubt. It might help to keep some of the others around, too. Whether it plays out as "making the team better" in reality or not doesn't matter. It's how it looks to Santana, Morneau, and the rest. Perception IS reality...

marea said...

I was at the Twins game on sunday. I admit it.. there IS crying in baseball! I cried TWICE over Torii Hunter, since HE was all teary eyed!
I am trying to think of a way to get a 'Keep Torii' campaign off and running..
And PS.
I think I will help Deborah root for the cubbies.

Stu said...

Excellent point, Dave.

Sooze said...

Stu, you slay me once again. And I Love you for it with a capital L.

Dave MN, you hit the nail right on the head with that one. Although, take away those 30 or so bombs and 100 or so RBIs, and who would replace him?

Not Jazilla, that's for sure.

SWEET MAREA!!!!! I miss you, girl.

Dave MN said...

Sooze: I think I was looking more long-term with my "making the team better" comment. Torii is productive now, but I'd imagine that would tail off at some point over the next 5 years (which is what it will take to get him to come back).

Immediately, there is no replacement for his offensive production. Jaszilla can not fill the void (unless, of course, Kubel starts cranking 'em out at a faster clip)

Besides, I don't want Torii to leave, so there.

MR said...

The Twins losing Torii would be devastating to the fan base. At least when Kirby Puckett stopped playing for the Twins, it wasn't because we let him walk.

What will probably happen to Torii is similar to what happened to Puckett: he'll slow down a bit, probably move to left field, hit a few more homers and drop the average a bit. I think it would be a worthwhile investment even for that, and for the sake of the fans.

Marea said...

I miss you too Sooze!
Work has been too busy for me to get to read BLB all day every day. Stupid day job.
We have to wait until next year to hit up a game together.

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