Hanley Ramirez Takes One for the Team

Mrs. Hanley Ramirez is one devoted wife.

A day after nearly hitting for the first cycle in club history (just a triple shy- he notched two homeruns instead), Hanley Ramirez was out of the starting lineup for tonight's matchup against the Nationals.

The Florida Marlins shortstop skipped the game to be at the hospital with his wife, who is pregnant with the couple's second child. The Mr. and Mrs. induced labor today, with an off-day ahead on the schedule tomorrow, so that Hanley will only miss one start for the Fish.

I'm assuming that inducing labor for the sake of a ballclub's game schedule means the Mrs. at least gets to pick out the kid's name, right?

[ Florida Marlins ]


Sooze said...

Man, remember earlier this season when there was speculation that Joe Nathan would leave the hospital while his wife was in labor, if the Twins were in a save situation? Yeah, good thing that didn't go down... considering they're not even in playoff contention at this point.

Melissa said...

Paul Konerko's wife did the same thing during the 2005 World Series- she induced labor on the one day off between games.

Give these women some sort of combat medal.

Megs said...

Men are all the same, whether they play baseball or not, no common courtesy for women in labor!

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