Hank Aaron Is a Swell Guy

See the touching video message Hammerin' Hank left for Barry Bonds.


gophergirl said...

A true superstar.

Stu said...

Will they be using Maris's asterisk for the record book, or using an all-new one?

God, I am glad this is over.

Marea said...

When I saw that homerun happen last night, I have to admit I was kind of relieved.. mostly that the hoopla will finally die down. I think Hank was truly classy in congratulating Bonds*.. I turned to my boyfriend and actually said now there is a classy guy for you.
I highly doubt Bonds* will do the same for A-Rod.

marea said...

All that Bonds* hype is totally overshadowing the awesomeness that was not one, but TWO bench clearing brawls, Clemens and Torre getting booted, and A-Rod doing his best DeNiro (You talkin' to ME?)
PLEASE tell me you'll have THAT footage posted later?

Sanchez said...

Amen Sooze.

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