Jason Giambi Escapes Bud Selig Spanking

After Jason Giambi announced "personal history regarding steroids" commissioner Bud Selig announced he won't be punishing the New York Yankees slugger in light of charity work and cooperation with baseball's steroids investigation.

Cooperation... as in "donating" $100,000.

It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall in Giambi's meeting with former senate majority leader and dirt dig-up spearhead George Mitchell. Who was ratted out? The fact that he doped wasn't revealed then, considering it was well known beforehand.

The 2000 AL MVP and 2005 Comeback Player of the Year missed over two months this season due to a "torn tissue" in his left foot and is batting .268 with nine homers and 26 RBIs in 52 games.



Dave MN said...

So Giambi was "out with a foot"?

I would have thought he'd be "out with an integrity", or "out with an innocence"

Megs said...

I always knew Bud was into spanking. I just thought he'd be on the receiving end.

Sooze said...

or "out with one testicle"

Sooze said...

Okay, I'm never typing that word again.

My Hero Zero said...

Avoiding a spanking must come as a great relief to someone with multiple puncture scars on his ass.

Stu said...

Sooze: I, Stu, know it's your blog and all, but the mental image of Giambi getting a pants-down spanking from Bud Selig? Unnecessary, if a little erotic.

Sooze said...

It was totally unnecessary and exactly how I roll.

Stu said...

I, Stu, wouldn't want it any other way.

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