Cox Throws Record-Breaking Fit

Congratulations to Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox for becoming the most-ejected manager in the history of the game Tuesday night.

After controlling himself for over 7 long weeks and 43 games, Cox surpassed John "Little Napoleon" McGraw's record of 131 ejections.

Chipper Jones is pissed. And awesome.Between the fifth and sixth innings, Cox broke the golden rule of baseball: arguing balls and strikes. After Chipper Jones was caught looking at a ball with men on second and third and the Braves trailing 3-0, plate umpire Ted Barrett wrung him up and Cox flipped out.

Of course, he was only making sure Jones wasn't tossed after he flung his bat toward the Braves dugout, threw his helmet about 80 feet and dropped a few f-bombs.

"It's absolutely no factor. It's nothing," Cox said. "It just means I've been around a long time, that's all."
As many ejections go, it lit a fire under Atlanta's rear. They scored four runs in the sixth and bounced back after closer Bob Wickman took a huge crap on the hill in the top of the ninth.

The game-winning hit? Yeah, it was all Chipper.

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