Brett Would Like To Know If You Are Retarded

I hate retarded reporters!, thanks to the ! Lots of F-bombs -- pure comedy gold.

After blowing the game against the San Diego Padres Saturday, Philadelphia Phillies closer Brett Myers got into it with a Philadelphia Inquirer reporter.

When the reporter questioned Myers (5.10 ERA) about the two homers he surrendered, the pitcher called them "just pop ups." ...which is kinda weird, because generally, pop-ups are easily caught and rarely result in un-sacrificial runs, as they don't leave the ballpark.

Then, Myers got personal. "You're not even a beat reporter. You're a fill-in, you don't know anything about baseball." He went on to call them retarded.
The reporter then asked if Myers could spell retarded, since retards have trouble with spelling, occasionally. Myers then stood up and had to be restrained by hardass Pat Burrell.

Brett must have missed the Phillies' Disability Awareness Night this year.

Brett Myers has some angry eyebrows.Myers' eyebrows were completely out of control throughout the entire interview and actually helped distract the reporter away from further questioning.

[The Good Fight]


Megs said...

Hmmm. Not the best career move, Brett.