Welcome To The Circus

Epic Carnival BabesAs a former sideshow circus freak, I considered it fitting that Doug from invited me to join his new blog venture entitled Epic Carnival.

The list of bloggers at this new gig is unreal. Actually, it's terrifying.

The party started today and there's already flame throwing and cursing and all kinds of satire-laced shenanigans.

Check out the Ten Step Guide to Juicing for big league rookies, written by yours truly.

[Epic Carnival]


pookeyguru said...

Congratulations. That's how alot of SBNation NBA bloggers have come to fame. So congrats. :P

pookeyguru said...

Also i Love that pic. It's quite classic. Especially considering that you, the mighty bitch of Sooze, posted it. :P

pookeyguru said...

Sooze im fucking thrilled. Jason Kendall is no longer catching in Oakland!!!! I think im going to piss all over myself with giddyness over Kurt Suzuki catching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooze said...


And did I just bust you lovin' on the A's again?! I knew you hadn't given up all hope.

Jacob said...

That's great, Suz!

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