Say What?

Some people have the strangest fetishes.What other bloggers are mouthing off about...

  • "I’m not sure this is a record he should be proud of." - [Rain Delay]

  • "Who's Rickey Henderson?" - []

  • "Maybe poker's just not your game. I know! Let's have a spelling contest!" - [Doberman on the Diamond]

  • "This doesn’t look like Coney Island." - [SOX & Dawgs]

  • "On the floor, wrappers from dozens of consumed wieners." - [Foul Balls]

  • "My mind was still recovering from the brutal raping it got by Joe Buck and Tim McCarver." - []

  • "Andrew Miller is no exception." - []

  • "You get just as wasted the second time, and I am still hearing the voice of Harry Carary loud and clear from the grave." - []

  • "Cheater, asshole, prick, dick, and butt pirate are a few." - [The Cobra Brigade]

  • "G-g-groin, g-g-groin injury." - [Awful Announcing]

  • "And who can blame him?" - [Can't Stop The Bleeding]

  • "I had no idea George was rollin like that." - [You Been Blinded]


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