Monday's Babelicious Scoreboard

OMG! I am soooooo bedazzling this ball!!!Good job, Rocket. You've hung around long enough to pull off 350 career victories. Just don't let Debbie near that ball. I hear she plans to bedazzle "Yay! Super 350!" on it.

The Rocket became the first big leaguer to 350 wins since Hall of Famer of the Milwaukee Braves did so on September 29, 1963... when Roger was just a baby Rocket. Fun fact: New York Yankees manager Joe Torre was Spahn's catcher in that game, at 22 years old.

Roger Clemens (2-3, 4.26 ERA) gave new meaning to the term "vintage" as he tossed eight innings of two-hit baseball to dominate the Minnesota Twins, 5-1 Monday night. He walked one and struck out four, cutting a chunk off his earned run average.

A-Rah hurty hammySome sad news for the Yanks however, as the Canadian Crusher broke A-Rod in the sixth inning. Rodriguez tripped over Morneau's ankle and strained his left hamstring while beating out a potential double play. He stayed in the game and advanced to second until he realized he couldn't make it home on a single to save his life.

A-Rod was replaced by Miguel Cairo and limped off the field, giving New Yorkers nightmares until they find out how the MLB-leading bomber/RBIer feels in the morning...

Derek Jeter went 2-for-5 with 2 RBIs and Melky Cabrera went 2-for-4, driving in a run of his own. Bobby Abreu also had a great night at the plate, going 3-for-4 with a sixth-inning solo shot off Boof Bonser (5-5, 4.76 ERA.)

Boof, who seems to have no idea how to pitch himself out of trouble, completely unraveled early on. He allowed 4 runs on 9 hits, walking three with 6 strikeouts. Juan Rincon helped out a lot by walking in the fifth run and the Twins offense just didn't show up at all.

Well, besides Man Muscles: he went 2-for-4. That's just how the Batting Champ rolls.

American League
  • Devil Rays 2, Indians 10

  • Rangers 3, Red Sox 7

  • Mariners 2, Royals 3

  • Orioles 7, White Sox 6

  • Blue Jays 11, Athletics 7

  • National League
  • Cubs 7, Nationals 2

  • Brewers 10, Pirates 3

  • Phillies 5, Astros 7

  • Diamondbacks 3, Cardinals 11

  • Mets 2, Rockies 6

  • Marlins 1, Padres 3

  • Braves 2, Dodgers 8