Kenny Rogers: Know When To Fold 'Em

The Detroit Tigers placed veteran lefty Kenny Rogers on the 15-day disabled list Sunday for his nap time with elbow inflammation, retroactive to Thursday.

The Gambler is 3-2 with a 5.23 ERA in six starts this season after missing the first 71 games recovering from offseason surgery to repair arteries and remove a blood clot from his pitching shoulder.

This stint marks just the third time the 42-year-old hurler has been on the DL in his 19-year career.

In a related move, Jordan Tata will be recalled from the AAA Toledo Mud Hens today in time to make his first big league start against the Oakland Athletics in Rogers' place.

The 25-year-old righty made eight poor relief appearances for the Tigers last season, allowing 10 runs in only 14.2 innings.

Psst! Hey Ladies....

Things Kenny Rogers is good at:

  • being a jerk

  • looking stupid

  • falling asleep

  • shoving people with cameras

  • cheating

  • poker


    TheStarterWife said...

    After watching the Halos destroy the Tigers all weekend, I'd like to see the whole team go on the DL.

    Yeesh was that an ugly series.

    Sooze said...

    Butt ugly... the anti-Tata, if you will.

    Megs said...

    Great list!

    CLARE. said...

    Must...refrain...from hacky "I'd let him touch MY ta-tas!" joke...can't hold out...much longer...

    CLARE. said...


    That is just shameuful.

    marea said...

    At least his injury isn't one of those mysterious fatigued groin injuries that seemed to plague MLB earlier this season..
    I will stop there, I could cross the line any second now.

    Anonymous said...

    "Things Kenny Rogers is good at?:"

    shouldn't "looking stupid" be #1?

    Anonymous said...

    From any perspective that thing on Pierczynski was low and crass!!!

    marea said...

    Sooze.. You know you've made it if people are calling you low and crass.. Just like AJ! He's making MILLIONS! :)

    Sooze said...

    Ever been here before, anon?

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