Fun With Polls: Midsummer Classic

Smash: Vlad takes home the trophy.
In our most recent poll, we asked who you thought would win the Home Run Derby. Turns out, 6% of you were right on the money. Good job!

The larger 32% of the voters (and I) bet on the Canadian Crusher - hoping he'd hit more than 5 bombs all night - to win it all. The event turned out somewhat anti-climactic for Justin Morneau and us.

Another 31% claimed Prince Fielder had what it takes to become the new Derby King while 14% said Ryan Howard, who hit just three homers and was cut in the first round, would reign supreme. Albert Pujols was the favorite for 8% of voters and 6% had the upset with Alex Rios. Matt Holliday and Magglio Ordonez split up 4% of the love between each other.

This photo has nothing to do with anything other than hilarity.So, did we underestimate the power of Vlad the Destroyer? Maybe. But we definitely didn't see the magic of David Ortiz' new bat coming.

Guerrero was off to a bit of a slow start, so Big Papi did what any Papi would do in that situation. He snatched the bat, tossed it and handed the slugger a new one from a shiny wooden box.

The Los Angeles Angels outfield monster then hit 17 longballs, taking home his very first Derby victory after last competing in 2002 when he hit only two homers with a first round exit.

Guerrero hit one into the parking lot past the left-field bleachers in the second round, and launched another shot 503 feet - the longest of the night. Congrats, Vlad!

All-Startastic.This brings us to our next burning question: which league will win the All-Star game?

The American League is on quite the roll since 1997 - winning every contest besides the 7-7 tie at Miller Park in 2002. This year's game will be held at AT&T Park in San Francisco, a 10-year-old pitcher's park that looks to be a playground for the starting rotations this season.

You can find the rosters here.

So, who is your favorite to win it all? Feel free to go on the record in the comments section!

[Home Run Derby Results]


rstiles said...

National League is due to win...

Sooze said...

I'm gonna go with the AL, it's a safe bet.

Bassmaster said...

Al for me too -- wait, who's Al?

Tara said...

Gotta go with Jake and the NL Boys to finally snap the drought!