Fun With Polls: Home Run Milestones

I suck the most!In our most recent poll, we wanted the worst prime time baseball broadcaster to be chosen by you.

Tim McCarver, we hereby dub you the Crappiest Announcer in the world. In an overwhelming voter turnout, 25% of you say that Timmy's 16 years of broadcasting is enough to kill a bird in flight.

Don't think it wasn't a close one, though. Chris Berman was right behind him at 24% with his tired Back, Back, Back schtick. The all-knowing Joe Morgan with his amazing take on the game came in third with 22% of the tallies. Surprisingly, you all are extremely tolerant of Joe Buck and all that rama-langa-ding-dong crap, giving him only 15% of the hatred.

John Miller, who kind of reminds us of a stupid fat man in a suit, is the most tolerable at 14% and maybe just seems like he sucks cause he sits so close to Morgan all the time. The world may never know.

A Rod is just 5 shy of 500.The next question for our lovely readers is back along the lines of the game. San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds is only 5 homers away from 756 - the number to pass the great Hank Aaron on the All-Time List.

New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez is just 5 shy of 500 career longballs - a nice round number that would give him the opportunity to become the youngest player to accomplish the feat.

So who will hit their big milestone first?


Megs said...

There's no way Bonds will hit 5 home runs before A-Rod hits 5 home runs. No. Way.

Anonymous said...

Bonds should;ve already passed Aaron by now. Old man.