Eric Byrnes Doesn't Have a Girlfriend

For those of you who watched the All-Star game Tuesday night, you were treated to non-All-Star Eric Byrnes, all soggy in McCovey Cove with his dog, Bruin.
"You don’t want to get in a fight with me out here guys... I’m pretty intense tonight," Byrnes declared from his kayak.
We love a man who loves his dog, but we almost missed Ichiro's inside-the-parker because the canine-obsessed cameraman was zeroed in on the pup for roughly five minutes, for crying out loud.

*Editor's note: Eric Byrnes may or may not have a girlfriend. For the record, he happens to be one of our favorite characters in the game and one whose balls we like to bust.



Megs said...

That was ridiculous.

Juke said...

What are you the fashion police? Let's see a pic of your hair. . ..

Andrew said...

whoa Juke, are you a Byrnes fan or something? you're acting kinda defensive

Anonymous said...

I, Stu, think the Babes' hair is lustrous, silky and full-bodied.

Eric Byrnes' hair, on the other hand, looks like Pig Pen trying to French a pile of leaves. The criticism is warranted.

Sooze said...

My hairdo is on display for all to see, if you would kindly direct your attention to the right sidebar of the front page.

I'm just sayin dude... Byrnes hair... ugh.

pookeyguru said...

Eric Byrnes is a dork. And I've heard him for 4 hours on radio before. It's not a pretty 4 hours. As ugly as his hair is, listening to him for 4 hours is worse.

mikeski said...

As a matter of fact, juke, Sooze is the fashion police. Go ahead Sooze, show him your badge.

Greta said...

After the broadcast, California ASPCA offcials contacted Byrnes and threatened to revoke his custody of the dog if he "hotboxed" with the animal again.