Brad Penny: Check Out McFly!

Remember Brad Penny? He's the Los Angeles Dodgers hurler that likes to strike batters out with his barn door open.

Penny has made his way to mid-season, boasting an 11-1 record and a 2.33 ERA. The flame-throwing righty is 10-0 vs. NL teams, with his only loss coming against the cross-town Angels back in May during Interleague play.

Monday, Penny held the Philadelphia Phillies to one run on four hits, striking out eight in the Dodgers' 10-3 victory, bringing his total of fanned batters to 90 in just 123.2 innings.

And yes, ladies. He's single.

Check out a Blown Coverage interview with Sooze here.


Marea said...

Nice interview, Sooze. Very nice indeed.
Justin Morneau is in my building as we speak.
(and NO I am not at the dome...I am at work...)
I wonder if he'll remember me from when I dream cheated on my boyfriend with him the other night? No?

TwinsGoddess said...

Single or not, there is only one strikeout pitcher as far as I"m concerned.

My heart will forever belong to Johan.

Kassie said...

It's about time B-Rad gets some recognition around here! I mean for his pitching, not his fly.

pookeyguru said...

HaHaHaHa @ ur worst sports memory. That was your boy torii's fault. That and Johan Santana getting outpitched by Barry Zito. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Sooze said...

Seriously! I can't remember ever being more disappointed at the outcome of a sporting event than that. Since 1991, last season was the first that I really believed the Twins had a legitimate shot. It just seemed like the stars aligned for them. The batting champ, Cy Young winner and MVP on one team, and they can barely make the post season. What the hell.


pookeyguru said...

Sooze I have a jpeg of Billy Beane in a twins uni. Every time I think of it I'm going to personally believe (truthful or no) that it tortures you to know the jpeg exists. :)

My Hero Zero said...

Penny is indeed single; I've heard on his myspace account he lists his best attribute as "sweats surprisingly little for a fat man."

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