Batting 1.000

Photo courtesy of the tall dark and handsome blogger, Ian of SOX & DawgsThere are plenty of things we could use this post to write about. We could do up a Babelicious Scoreboard, talk about how Willie Harris knows Kung Fu, the Jose Molina trade, ya know, the usual.

As Barry Bonds approaches the Holy Grail of baseball records and A-Rod sneaks up on 500 homers, we've managed to hit our own milestone.

In celebration of our 1,000th post - this is it right here - we thought we'd take a look back over of this little baseball blog by throwing together a Top 10 list at the very last minute. But then we changed our minds.

That's just how we ladies roll.

Since you've been here all along, keeping things entertaining and making this blog a fun thing for us to do, we'd love it if you'd share your thoughts in the comments section.

Why do you come here, anyway?


Davey said...

"Why do you even come here, anyway?"

Because this is the best blog on the entire internets. That's why...