And I Got Mad Hits Like I Was Rod Carew

Seattle Mariners All-Star center fielder Ichiro Suzuki became the third-quickest player in big league history to reach 1,500 hits after he singled in the second inning Sunday off Oakland Athletics' starter Lenny DiNardo.

The feat took him just 1,060 games to accomplish with Al Simmons and George Sisler reaching the mark in less time at 1,048 and 1,040 games, respectively. Ty Cobb comes in fourth at 1,070 contests.

Ichiro drops this bomb of wisdom on us:

"Unless I get to 1,500, I can't get 1,501. So in that sense, all numbers are important to me."

[Baseball, The Greatest Pastime]

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Jason said...

You can not argue with that logic.

(And are the Sure Shot references going to be a monthly feature now?)