Final Round of the Rookie Card Playoffs

Wow, two polls in a row. It's your lucky day!

It's come down to this, folks. Eight finalists in the Rookie Card Playoffs. Only one will emerge the glorious victor: the Rookie Card Champion of the World.

Does Rondell White's seductive 1991 card fuel your passion for baseball? Terry Francona's bird lips are absolutely priceless in his 1982 card. Greg Maddux's 1987 porn 'stache is a force to be reckoned with while Jason Giambi bears a striking resemblance to Billy Corgan in his 1991 Topps.

Joe Mauer didn't quite have his man muscles yet in 2002 and Big Papi has gained the weight of a 12-year-old boy since 1997. Mariano's 1992 pressed dockers sure are slick, but will Manny's '92 nature photo prevail?

It's all you guys. Voting for the Final Round ends on Friday and as always, you can vote either here or at our wonderful co-host Ian's blog, SOX & Dawgs.

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jake the snake said...

Nice slacks.

Andrew said...

its a hard choice between Billy Corgan and New Edition Manny but I had to go with Giambi because he looks like a douche, and any time Giambi looks like a douche I'm happy

Anonymous said...

i had to go with the giambino as well.

giant douche or just a turd sandwich in disguise?


Arman said...

David Arias? Que?

Sooze said...

Arman - his birth name.

Megs said...

I feel violated after being looked at by Rondell that way.

Craig's Pants Are Not Black said...

Are you guys freakin joking me here? Maddux's porn mustache is way out of these jokers' league.

Mad Dog all the way!

throwbot said...

the power of rivera's slacks compel me to voter for him.

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