Rookie Card Champion Of The World

The much-anticipated day of crowning has arrived.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Rookie Card Champion of the World, Greg Maddux.

Revive the mustache!

After 23 seasons in the big leagues, Maddux has accomplished such feats as passing the 300 wins milestone and joining the elite 3,000 career strikeout club while issuing less than 1,000 walks (the only hurler to ever do so.)

He may have lost the porn stache' that earned him this honor along with the speed of his pitches over time, but Mad Dog has managed to hold onto his commanding presence on the mound and pinpoint precision.

With 4 Cy Young Awards, 16 gold gloves and 8 trips to the Mid Summer Classic, Maddux has the great readers of Babes Love Baseball and SOX & Dawgs to thank for this most recent accomplishment.

With 41% of the vote, he beat out the hot seduction of Rondell White, the skinny bird lips of a young Terry Francona, a Billy Corgan-esque Jason Giambi and a man muscleless Joe Mauer. He made it past a smaller version of Big Papi, Mariano Rivera's pressed slacks, and Manny's New Edition card.

Congratulations, Greg Maddux! It was a landslide victory with a record number of votes, making your 1987 Donruss card the sweetest of them all.

Thanks for voting!

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jake the snake said...

That mustachio is priceless.