Nothing To Do Today?

Watch the 2007 MLB Draft!!! It's going to be OFF THE HOOK.

What's that? You suddenly forgot you had a prior engagement?

Oh. Well, it's a good thing you have TiVO! Also, it's incredibly fortunate that whether you watch it live or not, we have prepared a list to help you make the most boring draft in the history of sports ten times more exciting.


Top 10 Ways To Make The Draft Even More Awesome Than It Already Is...

10. Take a nap.

9. Smoke some grass.

8. Invite strippers over.

7. Count Bud Selig's liver spots.

6. Drink beer.

5. Scratch yourself in inappropriate places.

4. Change the channel.

3. Take shots.

2. Live blog it.

1. Drink more beer and pass out.

[MLB Genuine Draft at The Dugout]


ian said...

Is Mel Kiper going to be there? Because nothing says draft on ESPN than Mel

Sooze said...

Haha, sweet yankee hater avatar.

Would it be a draft without Mel Kiper? I think not.

Bassmaster said...

I think I like the looks of #8 the best.

TJ said...

I'll take two #9's, a #8 and four #6's please.

Joseph P. said...

9. Smoke some grass.

Heh, you called it grass. '70s Sooze must have written this.

ian said...

Would 90's Sooze say, pass the doobie pon the left hand side.

You like that avatar don't you.

Sooze said...

I'm only watching for Ben Barrone.


00's Sooze would say, "Have you ever watched the MLB Draft... on weeeeeed, man?"

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