Fun With Polls: Unstable Fans

Old people and baseballIn our most recent poll: Old People and Baseball, we asked our lovely readers their thoughts on players - pitchers in particular - who play into their mid-to-late-40s.

In every poll so far, we've learned more and more about you. It turns out, you're pretty forgiving, fairly understanding and just overall nice people who give big league players the benefit of the doubt. Good for you guys!

44% of you led the vote by saying if guys like the Rocket, the Big Unit, El Duque, the Blowhard and Boomer can stay healthy, more power to them.

27% said it's great these players can pitch into their 40s.

16% feel like these geezers are taking starts away from young, promising pitchers who are stuck in the minor leagues.

Finally, 13% think they should take up things like golfing or fishing... you know, things normal retired old people do.

Stupid hippie greets Barry Bonds on the fieldThis brings us to our next exciting poll, a look at unstable fans. There have been a few instances of fans running onto the field this season, just like every other. There's always some guy in the stands, maybe taking a bet from his buddy or downing one too many $8 brews which leads to a hankering for rushing the field.

Weirdo fan high fives Hideki MatsuiMany times these wild and crazy fans will be fined, jailed, or both with the possibility of being banned from the ball field. Is shaking Barry Bonds hand or high-fiving Hideki Matsui really worth that risk?

Some see it as a distraction, others see it as hilarity. So, is it cool for fans to rush the field?


Megs said...

Most of these people seen pretty harmless, but what happens when Barry actually breaks the record and someone tries to stab him or something?

Sooze said...

I'm sure there will be extra security on hand after he hits a few more bombs to prevent any shanking, but yeah - I don't understand how they get down there in the first place. Sure, this guy just hopped the short fence, but no one tried to stop him?