Bradley Heads To San Diego

Milton Bradley: an angry man?
The Oakland Athletics traded Milton Bradley to the San Diego Padres today.

He should be a nice addition to the hot-headed Michael Barrett... I'll bet they have major chemistry.

The Padres sent minor league pitcher Andrew Brown along with some cash to cover part of what Bradley is owed and designated lefty Sean Thompson for assignment to clear a space on the roster.

Jack Cust is a big boy.Designated for assignment a week earlier himself, Bradley was expected to be a core part of the A's outfield this season. Enter Jack Cust and Travis Buck.

Bradley, who agreed to a one-year deal worth $4 million with Oakland in the offseason, is considered by some to be "volatile", "tumultuous" and yes, even... "unmanageable".

In 2005, he accused Los Angeles Dodgers teammate Jeff Kent of having the inability to deal with black players.

The year before, he was suspended for the last five games of the season when he threw a plastic bottle at a fan in the right field box seats at Dodger Stadium after someone threw it on the field.

Breaking the law!Then there were the two run-ins with the cops in Ohio, spending three days in jail, beating his wife, etc...

Maybe it just comes down to the fact that he's landed on the DL three times already this year.

Regardless, he's San Diego's now.

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Caroline said...

The cuffs really tie the whole post together, Suz.

Megs said...

The Padres seem so chill. Why would they want (or need) Bradley?

Sooze said...

Eh, who knows. Maybe a change of scenery will help Bradley...

pookeyguru said...

Maybe fucking a chick would help him too.