Before They Were Managers Round

Alleged Juicer Round ChampionJason Giambi smoked, snorted and injected the competition in the (Alleged) Juicer Round of the Rookie Card Playoffs with a 52% victory over come-backer Barry Bonds, who notched 36% and Gary Sheffield, who managed only 7% of the tallies. Sammy Sosa came in with 4% and Pudge Rodriguez didn't get one single vote. Not one.

This brings us to the fourth set of the first round with Before They Were Managers. Check out these old farts' rookie cards and choose your favorite. As always, your favoritism can be based on absolutely anything. Ump-bumping? Base-throwing? Spitting and frothing at the mouth? Screaming psycho-babble? Career ejections? The sky's the limit.

Voting for this set ends Monday, and as always you can vote either here or at our co-host Ian's blog, SOX & Dawgs.

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[Welcome To The (Alleged) Juicer Round]


Marea said...

I'm surprised they even had things like baseball cards (or paper, or fire, or the wheel..) when some of these guys were playing...