Welcome To The (Alleged) Juicer Round

Rondell White stole our hearts in the first set of Round One of the Rookie Card Playoffs with his flirtatious gaze while Greg Maddux wooed us with his sultry porn 'stache in the second.

The veteran Mad Dog dominated the competition with 63% of the votes, crushing Pedro Martinez, who gained only 19% in front of Carlos Delgado, Randy Johnson and Derrek Lee, who didn't even manage 10%.

Since we believe in second chances around here, we've decided to give Barry Bonds another one in this third set of Round One - the (Alleged) Juicer Round.

So, check out these current players' cards and pick your favorite. Again, you can base your favoritism on absolutely anything... like the presence of backne or (alleged) roid rage. As always, you can vote either here or over at our Playoff co-host Ian's blog, SOX & Dawgs.

[Welcome To Round One]
[Welcome To The Mustache Round]


Andrew said...

god I hate Giambi...