So, Do We Get Another Apology? (Updated)

Jason Giambi: busted.
New York Yankees' designated hitter Jason Giambi has had a hell of a week.

Somewhere between admitting that he used steroids and calling for an MLB apology to the fans, he failed to mention that he was busted using other drugs, as well.

so angry and amped up.That's right. The Giambino flunked an amphetamines test earlier this year, which is the reason behind his additional drug testing.

It's really too bad that an initial failed test is kept confidential, seeing as how Giambi is set to meet with representatives from the commissioner's office as soon as tomorrow. Of course, he declined to comment before last night's loss to the rival Red Sox, saying, "I can't really talk about anything." His agent also would not comment.

Giambi has formed quite a history since joining the Yankees in 2001.
  • He testified before a federal grand jury in 2003 concerning his connection to the BALCO steroid controversy.

  • He has never publicly failed a steroid test since the results from anonymous "survey" testing in 2003 were never released. However, when he testified before the BALCO grand jury, he admitted to extensive steroid use. That testimony was, of course published a year later by the .

  • In 2004, doctor's discovered a tumor in his pituitary gland, which was treated with corticosteroids - drugs which do essentially the opposite of anabolic steroids as they break down tissue and reduce inflammation. Apparently, he wanted to keep his use of them a secret because he was worried that his fans wouldn't get it.

  • This all led up to a 2005 press conference where he offered a vague apology for... doing something bad.

always with the weilding the bat and looking pissed off.Since Giambi has failed this test (along with ) he is subject to six additional tests for the next 365 days from the failed one.

This most recent apology may have been more calculated than we initially thought.
Will Giambi's contract be ripped to shreds? Will he be suspended? Shunned?

I'm guessing another press conference with Giambi seated comfortably next to Joe Torre, each in their own hot seat for another formal I'm Sorry, will set the world right again.

*Under baseball's amphetamines policy, which went into effect last season, a
player who fails a test the first time is not punished and the information
is kept confidential, but he can be tested six additional times within the
next year. After a second offense, the player is suspended for 25 games.

Update: According to Ian from SOX & Dawgs in the comments, the great Peter Gammons is claiming Giambi did not fail an amphetamines test. However, we will never really know for sure, since first failed test results are kept confidential. Also, there's the possibility that he actually didn't take greenies.

[] | [*MLB Testing Policy]


Megs said...

Holy crap.

Joseph P. said...

That's an unconfirmed report.

Sooze said...

Just blogging from the Daily News.

Joseph P. said...

Oh, I totally understand. I'm saying it more for my own sanity :)

Sooze said...

Joe, I was actually feeling for Yankees fan last night when I read this. I feel like it's not fair to them - that their team gets so much negative publicity outside of New York. How would I feel if one of my favorite players tested positive for anything? It would suck. Maybe I'll just emai lyou. This is turning into a long comment. :)

Anonymous said...

it may be unconfirmed, but everyone knows it's true. why else would he come out and apologize like that, then refuse to comment at the game?

kerrie said...

Just look at him if there is any doubt! He's a total meathead.

you are correct Suz, when you say it's sad but let's make it funny.

Dianna said...

[sarcasm]What? Giambi did drugs? And Steroids? Gee, what a shocker![/sarcasm]

Bassmaster said...

I guess this was inevitable. Like anon said - just look at the guy. He even looks guilty, nevermind the obscure public apologies.

ian said...

Peter Gammons sources are reporting that Giambi didn’t fail the test. So this ought to get interesting


he can't comment on it. There's a gag order on himself and his lawyer.