Say What: The Rocket Edition

Some people have the strangest fetishes.

  • "In a move that would have William Shatner rolling his eyes..." [Foul Balls ]

  • "Clemens is the greatest pitcher of our generation! Run! Run everyone! Run! She’s coming!" []

  • "For pure drama, however, I’d prefer to have seen the Yankees bring back Billy Martin." [Can't Stop The Bleeding]

  • "Under MLB guidelines, it is illegal for a pitcher to sign with a team during the World Series and then pitch the final game of that World Series. However, Commissioner Bud Selig called that rule 'outdated' and said a compromise could be worked out to get Clemens into the game." [The Brushback]

  • "If you did not see this coming, then the sunrise must be a daily moment of wonderment for you." [With Leather]

  • "When will this end?" [The Lady At Bat]

  • "Then he can retire and wait 'till next spring to do his tired act all over again." []

  • "Yes, my initial joy over the Roger signing was an emotionally based one." [River Ave. Blues]

  • "I have been walking on ball fields for 23 years, and I've never received anything but kindness and encouragement from you." []

  • Last but certainly not least, check out this gem of a video []

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    kerrie said...

    The ROcket is taking over the internets. It's rather frightening.