Say What: Amped Edition

Some people have the strangest fetishes.What other bloggers are mouthing off about...

  • "If we knew $120 million was on the line, we'd do steroids and amphetamines too. Jesus, who wouldn't?" - [Deadspin]

  • "MLB became alarmed at this news, which was available to anyone who read Game of Shadows over one year ago." - []

  • "It makes it a lot easier to judge the motives of the leaker." - [Baseball Musings]

  • "Like we didn’t see this one coming." - [SOX & Dawgs]

  • "Only time will tell what Giambi’s future on the Yanks or in baseball holds." - [River Ave. Blues]

  • "Some week for Jason Giambi, huh?" - [The Big Lead]

  • "Pretty surprising that he only tested positive for amphetamines." - [With Leather]

  • "On the bright side, all of these new trials and tribulations will just make Giambi a more viable candidate for the 2008 Comeback Player Of The Year Award." - [Can't Stop The Bleeding]